The Jews, not 2040 in the United States, the second the majority of the race will be Muslims


Other religions and leave Islam and accept Muslims consistently settled to the welfare of the next 2040 in the United States, the second the majority of nations will be Muslims. The country is currently the second the majority of the race, the Jews dislodge Muslims, this record said recently, a US study m Results A out came.

Last (8 August), Lebanon’s dominant news medium, Al-breeze, according to Washington-based research organization, but recent them to new poll results announced.

There according old of 2017 hesabat in the United States, Muslims number was 34 lakh 50 thousand. I.e. country’s total population, 1 per cent.1 share of Muslims.

Institutions to know the other religions of Odhikar converted to Islam, being in the advance, 2040 in a Judaism-top states of the second majority religion will be Islam. However, Christmas in this country, Jewish population, a total of how many it has revealed but.

Research,saying in 2050 in the United States, Muslims estimated the number to stand at least 81 target. Than it is now, which will be more than doubled. When motzener percentage 2.1 share will remain Muslim.

Prior to this organization’s 2007 Greenway in the United States, Muslims number was 23 lakh 50 thousand, in 2011, 27 million 50 thousand.

The US research centre is stating Here,Muslims confirmed number of official no information available not. Because the US Census Bureau citizens about religion in the FAQ is not.

Meanwhile, the above research in the United States, residing Jews, number not know, however, the occupying state of Israel’s official statistics bureau that the country Jews, a total population of 57 millions.

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