Khaleda Zia health information, the people are confused. Hasan Mahmud

The world BD : always Khaleda Zia health information with the masses, the confused say have complained, turning than Mahmoud. During this time, he further said Khaleda Zia to medical specialists by regular checkup is inserted.Khaleda Zia health issues the BNP, which alleged that its completely false, he said.

World Radio Day by 2020 on the occasion of the scheduled rally at the end of the reporters ‘ questions, in response to said core than Mahmoud.

Than Mahmoud also said Khaleda Zia’s family to his release, however, want government leaders to its release, with still no talking, not with the government.Even Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir to journalists on the matter, would like to know if he would know anything about, do not say know.

Turning said Khaleda Zia medical problems that are many old.This physical problem with a he was twice prime twice opposition leader has served.

He also said Khaleda Zia to jail, not leaving Bangabandhu medical been put in, and according to his choice appliance test has been given, which the entire subcontinent, at Rare.

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