Culture Minister inaugurated winter cake-petha festival in Rajshahi

Obaidul Islam Robi, Charghat Rajshahi
Minister of State for Culture KM Khalid has said that the tradition of flour of village Bengal should be
preserved. The cake festival must be brought back to the family. Pitha means Bengali, Bengali means
Pitha Parban. It has to maintain continuity. The Pittha festival will run from 10am to 9pm until FebruaryThere will be cultural festivals, plays, dances, music, folk festivals every day from 8 pm on the festive
stage.State Minister said this while addressing the Chief Guest at the inauguration of the four-day National
Petha Festival in Rajshahi Division, at the Green Plaza of Rajshahi City Corporation on Monday. Further,
state minister said that setting a date for organizing a cake festival in Rajshahi every year would be
included in the calendar of the Ministry of Culture. Earlier, the Peetha festival was held only in Dhaka.
The original heritage must be kept in mind so as not to get lost. Pitha means Bengali, Bengali means Pitha
Parban. This is the first time the festival is being held outside Rajshahi and Sylhet. The festival is being planned in every district of the country in phases.Pattisapata is a traditional winter cake of Rajshahi. Patitsapata emphasizes on branding the batter. It raised Rajshahiwasi as a step towards taking the necessary steps to gain international recognition of the United
Nations. Meanwhile, the cooling patio has been recognized by UNESCO and Sonargaon has been declared as a Craft City.
Theatrical Hamid presided over the function, among others, Vice-President of Rajshahi Metropolitan Awami League Shaheen Akhter Reni and General Secretary of National Pitha Festival Khandker Shah Alam and coordinator of the Rajshahi Pitha Festival, Prof. Malay Bhowmick were present.

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